SOBA (for once) Noodles with Mi-so Chilli Nutty Veg Bowl

It is the best bowl of warmth and loving comfort food ever, whilst still feeling like you are a goody two toes. Can life get better? 

Boil SOBA noodles

Wok fry enough veg for the people who are eating and do them in this order (If you want). 


Baby Sweetcorn


Spring onions 

Tofu smoked cubed

Red and green pepper 



Green beans

1 tablespoon of miso per person

3 tbs water pp

3 tbs hummus/peanut butter pp

Chilli chopped 

Garlic and ginger chopped

Coriander, basil, parsley freshly chopped

Pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds black and white

Sprinkle of Cashews and hazelnuts. 


Finally once it’s all mixed together add the avocado to top. BLISS BOWL. 

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