BEET THE ROT (Vegan CarRot, Beet and Banana Cake)

Dairy free, wheat free, Sugar free

When I try to be the best, super mum ever, what happens is firstly I buy too many veg to eat before they go off. Then I try to cook too much for my small people and they throw it on the floor and I wash it and then try again at the next meal. But sometimes I get inspiration.

Like to today, I made the loveliest Carrot, Beetroot and Banana Cake out of the left overs (which included boiled and raw carrots, some peas, beetroot and yellow/brown bananas.

It may sound like an unlikely mix, but as it happens it was bloody awesome. So be brave, throw out what you think you know, and make cakes/bread out of whatever is going down. Sometimes it will work, like today, sometimes it will be disgusting. Nothing ventured, nothing made.

I did give this one out at my yoga class, as a post yoga treat just to check if others thought it was edible. And before you say it, my yogi tribe is not the kind type, if they hate it, they will say! It was loved.

That said. You can copy mine, change the veg/fruit, flour, oil for eggs, add sugar, play live on the edge.

Makes 12 cupcakes and one loft cake tin (I keep meaning to buy another cupcake tin)

100gr Beetroot cooked finely chopped

200gr Mixed Carrot (grated raw, and cooked, finely chopped)

50-100gr Random cooked veg (avoid kale, horseradish, and stupidly strong tasting things)

100gr or 1 to2 Bananas

2/3 cup of Veg Oil (any) or 2 eggs

1.5 to 2.5 cups of a mix of wheat free flours (plain, spelt, rice) or self rasing

1 tsp Baking powder

2 Lids of vanilla essence

2 tsp Cinnamon

1 tsp Mixed Spice

2/3 cups maple syrup

Rice or almond milk (add at the end just to make it more like a thick cake mix, it can be a bit dry at this stage so you can add more oil, or fruit juice, or milk)

Enjoy, and may the force be with you… x

And if it isn’t either wack some icing on there or call it bread!





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