Namaste Beautiful People,                                            

Thank you for visiting, I am so glad you came. If you are looking some yoga classes, or some workshops, private 121 yoga, or even a lovely retreats , with me, Nova, Then this is the right place.

If you are looking for a Super Nova, they are in the sky.

My aim is to make greener lives through yoga, medtations, food, and love. I have never done anything better for me for long out of guilt or willpower, And have learned the hard way that all change has to come from wanting to do it for its own sake and because it makes you feel happier/better/healthier etc.

I hope you find the site useful. and let me know if you need anything! xx


x Nova

Back in the Autumn 2019

What others have said

“Every part of the weekend was excellent, good tutor ,good mix of yoga and meditation ,nova was very knowledgable and very tasty food ,I have never eaten vegetarian and was surprised how good the meals were ,lucky to have a group of people who got on so well and a farmer who allowed us to go wherever we wanted and brought fresh eggs home to finish off a perfect weekend,cannot wait to do it all again ,Thank you Nova xxx” Sue, Sept 2019

“The food was amazing! Also loved getting to try different yoga styles, especially yoga nidra and yin yoga. The massage with Caileigh was incredible – I have a lot of problems with my back and shoulders because I have a desk-based job but I could really feel the difference after the massage. ” Unknown, Sept 2019

U.L”Wonderful, so much fun and i can really see myself improving, not just physically but i feel so much calmer. And all the special little tips she gives me are just great, she really thinks about what i need”

J.G “Nova’s ability to teach at different levels and her reading of the mood of the class was perfect.”

W.R”I’ve been having private classes for almost a year now and have found them to be always calming, sometimes challenging but above all inspiring and fun”

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