Gonzo Bowl

It is called this because when I GET HANGERY it is a good idea to eat something before it turns into a gonzoshow

This bowl is a absolute favorite of mine, be it for a retreat or just as a super fast and uber healthy lunch/dinner.

Start with whatever you have, I have:

per person

For the bowl

Sugar Snaps 10 chopped

Courgette 1/3 chopped in thin slices

Pepper 1/2 chopped thin

Mushroom 2 finely chopped

Spring onions 2 into matchsticks

Greens either Spinach or Pakchoy (a handful)



Miso spoonful

Peanut butter or Tahini spoonful

Gyozo (itsu or homemade if you have that kind of time, I do not hense the GONZO bowl)

Thin rice noodles

Boiling Water to cover

Optional sesame seeds over the top

Stir in together and eat in about 3mins depending on how fast your noodles and gyozo are ready!

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