Mint, Courgette & Borlotti Bean Soup GF/VG

It possible to get very sick of courgettes if you are having a bumper year in the garden, but even if you are not growning It can be nice to use these lovely things alittle differently.

And my goodness do they ever taste magical in this soup. What a combo, even if I do say so myself.

Roast the courgettes, in oil and garlic for 20 mins, amounts are up to you. while you do this brown an onion or leek and a couple of potatoes chopped. Add some yeast extract powder to the frying pan and some water after 5 mins, along with a splash of GF Tamari, marmite or veggiemite. Put the Hot water and courgettes in with everything else, simmer.

In a separate pan cook the borlotti beans in stock and mint till tender, then add to the rest. Either blend or eat as is with a lovely chunk of humousy sead bread, or if non GF add some giant cous cous for a full meal feel and for extra credits as a dinner party starter add crispy kale to the top or pumpkin seeds to serve.

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