Gonzo Bowl

Vegan Noodle Buddha bowl ready in less then 5 minutes

Vegan GF Chocolate Tart

This one was fabulous and the retreat just about bit my hand off. Base 300g Almonds ground 1/2 cup Cacaco powder 1/3 cup of maple syrup 3 tbsp melted coconut oil Filling 1 can of coconut milk 200g Vegan Chocolate Melt the chocolate and coconut milk together and pour in the chilled base. So easy…

London-Wholeness Workshop

Slow down an enjoy the ride. A Yoga workshop on building Presence, in Camden with Nova Milesko a leading yoga and meditation teacher.

Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Vegan, GF

Well if you have any cuties around and want to impress them with your awesomness I recommend this one. I currently have a chocoholic and one who loves anything berry. So I made a simple plain cake mix and divided it in to two bowls and we have never been happier. Why haven’t I done…

Orange Blossom and Fennel Oat bites (VG, GF)

Once again the need to eat something sweet hits and I know that it can go one of two ways, either I grab some chocolate, or I get inventive. I got inventive, Using GF Oats as the base, mix up with fennel seeds and orange blossom extract, maply syrup in a blender and some GF…