Coporate Yoga

I am offering these sessions at a flat-rate based on interest, if you would like to see this at your workplace please get in contact.


Benefits – to employees

• Boosts immune system, less sick days
• (Gabriel et al 2008, International Journal of Yoga Therapy)
• Greater resilience to stress
(Global Advances in Health and Medicine, Deible et al 2014)
• Less mood swings
(Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Khalsa et al 2014)
• Increased ability to concentrate and focus
(Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8th May 2015, Schmalzl)
• Improved relations with colleagues
• Reduces depression and anxiety
(Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8th May 2015, Schmalzl)

For many employees, absenteeism is a problem. Yoga has shown to improve immunity as it engages the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to take time to heal and rejuvenate itself properly, allowing for deeper sleep, a general feeling of well being, greater resilience to stress and mood stabilisation, which in their turn often lead to better relationships within the work force and at home.

Mindfulness has its roots in yoga, so every class teaches the mechanics of mindfulness, keeping your employee on task, focussed and concentrated for longer.

Feelings of anxiety and depression are commonplace with over 1/3 of our population suffering from these debilitating diseases. They can sometimes be results of various traumatic experiences either recent or in the past – yoga, mindfulness and meditation (all related) have all been shown to be very effective in reducing trauma and resolving depression.

The healthy, fun and accessible yoga classes will also create a supportive environment for all employees to come together to relax and be aware of the community they, in fact, belong to, increasing loyalty to each other and connection between colleagues in a non-competitive and completely inclusive and accessible class.

(no special equipment, knowledge or flexibility necessary!)