Coriander and Romano Pepper Ice Cream


First thing to do here is ignore everything your head is telling you. I was bored and had bought a glut of double cream and too many Romano peppers on special. I had not attempted ice cream before, but being me, and this being Ice-CREAM I didn’t really think a recipe would be of much use so off I went.

Two things you may want to know before you begin, one- it worked out great, and two- it takes ages to make. So if you are looking for a quick bite give up now.

But it is ideal as a dinner party starter, or as I have used it today in a Lebanese wrap with beetroot falafel and spicy avocado, cucumber and tomato salsa


Okay so good luck…

First slow roast your peppers in olive oil and garlic whole (when soft, peel-optional, blend till mashed not soup and cool)

3 egg yokes

one 600ml pot of double cream

one 200ml cream fresh


Mix the eggs, creams and coriander, gently heat for ten minutes, then cool quickly by transferring to a bowl and adding ice, and putting the bowl in another bowl of cold water. when cool whisk, stir, then add to freeze. Next you  add the peppers after about an hour or so, folding it in only about four times to keep the ripple effect. And from now you have to sit in the kitchen and wait and every hour for the next  24 hours you must take it out and stir all the ice crystals from the edge in to the middle, or not , and after 3 hours you can stop/give up. it will be ready in 12 hours.

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