Some past reviews of our retreats

Our retreats are amazing even if we do say so ourselves, but so have the people who come with us…’s what others have said (previously “Affinity Yoga”)
“Thank you seems such a SMALL way of acknowledging how wonderful the weekend was! I loved it from the very start-as soon as I pulled into the drive with a new-found friend who’d given me a lift-the phone was firmly OFF! It was such a special time! And it seemed to occur in it’s own time and space (I mean I even feel the KITES were some sort of mystical creature!).

I like your yoga style a lot and so thanks for sharing! I think the chakras and meditation are elements I certainly need to develop but I feel that I can do this after the weekend. Big thanks to your mother too-and thanks for sharing her with us (it’s never easy as a daughter to concede to a mother’s expertise!!!). I thought it was a lovely moment when you shared with us your own tendency to cover up how much you love everyone with sarcasm, as an Irish person I can identify and often I have the same issue (we will get there and this weekend was certainly the write sort of step in doing so!). Your so right about modern life giving us the idea that we need to do this to survive; lets break the chain-fleetwood mac style!” Elizabeth Dec 2015

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful weekend – from the quiet but convivial company, to the challenging 3 hour session this morning, to the spaces for reading and just being, to the wholesome food.  It just worked so well and your light touch organising was just right (although there was obviously a lot of prep needed for it to come across so easily).  So thank you as it was just what I needed. Karen Dec 2015

Didn’t get to say good bye but just to say thank you so much for a really superb weekend. I absolutely loved the classes and Braziers is a really special find. I’m feeling so restored and my back pain has almost completely disappeared! 🙂 Becky Dec 2015

Thanks so much for a lovely weekend retreat. And thank you for being so unpretentious! The Yin yoga really hit the spot and so lovely to feel so cared for. Antonia Feb 2014

Yoga with Florence and Nova is a scary thing but in a good way!. they’ll get you to do things you’ve never done before, with love and laughter. Steve Feb 2013

Wonderful weekend with lovely people. Very calming and balancing. Out did my expectations> Hope to see you all again. Stephanie Feb 2012

Can’t believe it was only a weekend. Thanks for all the stretching, both physical and mental. Sophie Feb 2011

The yoga and meditation in France was fantastic fun, Nova’s energy and warmth is really invigorating.
I left feeing refreshed, balanced and strong in mind and body, such a great experience for my first retreat.
I’m lucky to have her teach my team at work each week which has helped our group dynamic in so many ways. She’s a star!
I would highly recommend her! E.G Dec 2010

“Thank you so much for the memories i will cherish, and hold close to my heart. Don’t ever change” B Dec 2010

“Nova is one of those rare, very ‘real’ human beings, which along with her calm and meaningful teaching style…make her a truly inspirational yoga teacher. Having practiced Yin yoga with her for a few months, I decided to join her yoga retreat in the French Alps in Dec (2010).

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