Nova Answers Dumb Questions

When did you start yoga?

As a kid, my mother always made me do a headstand, when ever i was getting a little to excitable. It seems to have had the desired effect of calming me down (abit). And i still use inversions sort me out.

What’s your home practice?

Well having small people now, my old my routine has changed QUITE A BIT. But I do sometimes (fingers crossed) have my evenings for my practice now, and often find that a touch of sweaty vinyasa followed by some sweet Yin, hits the spot.

What’s your favourite pose?

Well it used to be handstand, but recently it would have to be Bed pose, I think corpse pose is the best bit of a yoga practice at the moment (especially now we are enjoy the full 24 hours of life without sleep). It is where you get a chance to assimilate and absorb your practice, and I think I use bed as another meditation opportunity, a chance to contemplate my day, myself, and my place in the world. And then with the most complete version of yogic oneness, I let it all go and past out (promising to be better/kinder/more patient tomorrow).

Favourite memory?

Long talks with my dad on drives across the country, he was a salesman, and one of the best listeners I have ever met. He was always able to offer everyone he met an earnest, caring ear and that is rare, he was understanding, humble, and compassionate. All the things yoga try’s to remind us to be.

Do you need spirituality?

There is a whole lot of unnecessary stuff that just makes life harder. I see too many half understood, dogmatic, or overly prescriptive ideas causing more harm, than good. And there are a lot of well meaning people with half-baked ideas that prey on people when they are at their most venerable

I find the true personal spirituality/dharma/strength comes from within, Life is magical and special enough.

What is your luxury, you can’t live without?

I’ve had the pleasure of being broke, both financially and mentally and i can say with assurance that the only things I need (baring my family) are the world and a passport. Never underestimate the profound support the universe has to offer. My faith in humanity has been found a thousand times by the smallest of kindnesses of strangers. We are a beautiful race.

Why do you teach?

I teach because I have never been able to stop, yoga is like a drug. I love it!. But in the beginning I didn’t want to teach after my first teacher training or my second, or my third, i just kept waiting for someone to teach me the secret, how to be a good teacher.

But ultimately it comes with practice, time and heartfelt enthusiasm (and willingness to learn from your greatest teachers, the students)

What advice would give a new teacher?

You will do things wrong, you will be scared, you will panic and forget stuff. And you will be liked by at least a couple of the students until you find your style and then…. your people will find you.

What’s your favourite place?

In the moment. Doesn’t always happen but I love when it does. When I get to practice in that fully present awareness that makes your whole body and mind feel like it just pressed pause, and your slowing down time to one breath at a time. It is wonderful, addictive and it never gets old.

Star Sign

an Aries, I think this question is ridiculous.

Best Book

Catch 22, just made so much sense.


“Be careful who and what you surround yourself with as you will become it” My dad.

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