Cherry on Top Parfiat

Morello Cherrys are quite possibly my favorite things in the world. And this is a lovely little vegan and gluten free (orgrans-cookies) /or not desert for those of you looking to impress on a tight timescale.

Starting with the left over cinnimon oats porrage at the bottom add a lump of yogurt, or cream, icing sugar whipped together with a bit of the cherry juice on top. Amaretti biscuits crushed on the top and the cherrys make it look like you spent more then the five minutes making this one.

Unfortunatly the desert wasn’t around long enough to get a picture, and the amounts will vary so much depending on how many you are making I have just listed the ingredients. Good luck….x

Morello cherrys

Vegan yogurt, or cream, icing sugar mixed to create a whipped cream texture

Amaretti biscuits (organs gluten free)

Gluten free or not Porrage

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