Summer Stew

Well it was raining and looked like a proper cold day summers day when I decided to make this lovely one. For days when the english weather is truly rubbing it in.

Turnip, red cabbage, carrots, savoy, parsnip, potatoes, onions in whatever quanties you fancy, diced to reasonable sizes for frying off. I didn’t and the turnips took forever as ever. Add a healthy glug of sherry and oil and fry till bored.

Add garlic and salt, pepper, stock or marmite and soy sauce, plus haricot and borrloti beans, pre cooked quinoa, rice and lentils or none if they are not of interest, and a can of plum tomatoes and water.

I put some rosemary and thyme, smoked paprika, seaweed, sesame seeds, and a fresh chill in mine, but let your tastes lead you.

Let it cook together, then serve with some fresh sourdough and sorrel or whatever is lieing around.

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  1. louisa davies says:

    Thanks so much. What seaweed do you use? X

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    1. Nova Milesko says:

      Cornish seaweed sprinkles


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