Two Bean or NOt two Bean- Stuffed Mushrooms GF/VG

My mother always used to say and probably still does (I should probably cal her more often) “who has time to stuff a mushroom!” while I agree back in the day bigger mushrooms were harder to come by, it has always been a favorite of mine.

Probably just to wind up my mum!

So for this lovely recipe I have used a fennel stew for the base of the stuffing which I upcycled by adding a can of butterbean and haricot an some thyme, to make the filling for the mushrooms (you don’t need to reheat the stew seperately, just stir them in and they will cook with the mushroom) and baked them with some gooey vintage Gouda on top, but this can vegan in a second with just a crump of toasted Pumpkin seeds instead.

In the picture you will see I have also made a bunch of other stuff including a Beet YOU Salad (which I make to beat the goodness into the kids without the fuss!)

A simple raspberry and green leaf salad with lemon, and I may have got a bit carried away here as it was a dinner party so there was also a marinated Chill Cherry Asparagus with those toasted pumpkin seeds (which could be used as a starter if you are looking to great proper fancy -add a blue or goat cheese if liked ) and some Disko Potatoes, with paprika and seaweed salt, baked in toasted sesame seed oil.

Also check out my vegan ChEaton Mess Cheesecake for a perfect finish to a truely awesome meal!

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