Gonzo Bowl

Vegan Noodle Buddha bowl ready in less then 5 minutes

Butternut Coconut Curry or Dal

All i can say is OH MY GOD, this was a great day in the kitchen. And a even better day for butternut squashes, this is the day I made two out of this world things using a thing i would generally thing as one natures mistakes. Serves 8 One peeled roasted butternut squash (till…

Smoking Tofu and Lentil Pie

I am not a big fan of Christmas Lunch in fact I could easily have had what i made tonight. New favorite. I will not bother to tell you how much of things as you will do better to use your own judgement. Hickory Liquid Smoke to taste (usually a cap full) Garam Masala (pinch)…

Moroccan Stuffed Roasted Pepper

I was bored of the usual stuffed rice pepper thing and this was a really lovely and interesting change…. Fry off mushrooms, garlic, add chargrilled artichokes. Put uncooked giant Cous Cous in pan brown in butter, then add small amount water to frying pan, green harissa, smoked paprika and stock. Simmer till water in gone….

Roasted Maple Carrots and Sprouts

Roasted Maple Carrots and Sprouts I like to add a little speed to this dish, so I start by crossing the sprouts and trimming the carrots, then placing in the frying pan with butter, salt, pepper, maple syrup, garlic and touch of water. Pan fry till the water is gone, and the sprouts, and carrots have…