Blissful Beans and Smokey Citrus Tofu with Bulgar Wheat and Apple Salad

I just wanted to eat things that make my mouthwater but I have been lazy lately and sometimes you really need to remind yourself food is more then just eating and whilst I am not vegan I am always trying  to expand my weekly choices to include these options. 

This is a Multi layered meal which you could do some of one day and then the rest just before you want to eat. 

Marinade the Tofu cubed

3 tbs Liquid Smoke hickory 

Enough to cover the cubes Orange juice freshly squeezed 

Ginger and garlic crushed

Leave overnight. Drain and Pan fry (you can use the marinade for a salad dressing just add tahini)

Soak Mixed beans (black eyed beans, kidney beans, cannelli beans, bolotti beans) change water add stock, garlic, fresh rosemary, sage and leave overnight.

Then fry veggies, onion, pepper, courgette, tomatoes add cooked beans with some chilli powder, cumin, coriander. And a create a sauce with water, tomato puree, marmite, and mustard. 

For the Bulgar wheat, once its boiled in water and abit of orange juice then  add black olives and herbs.

Apple and watercress salad with a paprika croutons is another excellent side to this. 

For the croutons; Toast a slice of seeded vegan bread then cube and fry with paprika in coconut oil amd 2 tbs Tamari

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