New Forest Vegan Apple Cake (GF)

So I was asked for this one on my last retreat. It was a actually a bit of an accident because my 3 year got a bit happy with the oil which ended up with a very moist and crispy slightly fried crust effect.

We used some of the many apples from our friends garden. But any with do, I often end up make cakes with the fruit thats unloved in our house.

Rapeseed oil 4-5 tbs

200g GF Self Raising Flour

Maple Syrup 3-4 tsb

cinnamon 1ts

Apple juice splash to help make a thick cake mixture

5-6 Apples chopped

Vegan milk splash again just to get the right consistanty

Mix and cook in small cupcakes for best results, you want to have aso many apples then they stick out of the mix and the liquid is only just holding it together.

Good luck, watch out for kids helping (sometimes it works)

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