No Drama, One Dish Dinner – Stuffed Peppers and Roast Veg GF/VG/NF

Just a reminder of how simple it can be to make a super special meal without any of the drama. If you are looking for a dinner idea for tonight or a romantic idea for a vegan/veggie one fo that day next week then this is beyond simple.

Stuffed Pepper
Filling for the pepper for 2
1 can of green lentils, in a bowl with a handful of seeds of choice, mushroom finely chopped, rosemary, garlic, thyme, salt (always go for a bit more with lentils as they love to suck favour for themselves!) teaspoon of miso, and tomato paste, pinch of smoked paprika or sumak and pepper to taste.

Then once they are filled place in a tray with the peppers in foil, add a cheese of choice hat and then the juice from the peppers will cook and soften the filling while the cheese will crispen up or get melted into gooey goodness.

If you fancy or don’t have something get creative and trust yourselves, you know what you like- add beans, different spices, more chilli, whatever excites you!

The Roasted Veg
Meanwhile don’t bother getting any other pots of pans out. in another bowl cut up the veg of choice into sizes that will roast at the same time, so if you have baby potatoes in half is going to work.

They can get tossed in some caynne power and olive oil and then put them in the some tray. For colour you have lots of choice, brussels, beets and carrots are good if you toss in some maple and cumin, and S&P and then add to the peppers tray after 20 mins in the oven at 170/180c.

And come back to the magic in 20/30mins for yummie simples!

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