Namaste Beautiful People,                                            

Thank you for visiting, If you are looking some yoga classes, workshops, private 121 yogaCPD point courses, Teacher Trainings or Retreats with me, Nova, then this is the right place.

If you are looking for a Super Nova, they are in the sky.

Here’s what others have said about private yoga with Nova…

O.W “I’ve been having private yoga sessions with nova for three years now, I saw such a improvement in my over all wellbeing after a few months that I tried to stop as i thought i had reached my goals but quickly found that i couldn’t because my body missed it so much, and I missed the inspiring classes that where always changing. I would recommend her but i hate it when she gets busy:)”

U.L”Wonderful, so much fun and i can really see myself improving, not just physically but i feel so much calmer. And all the special little tips she gives me are just great, she really thinks about what i need”

J.G “Nova’s ability to teach at different levels and her reading of the mood of the class was perfect.”

W.R”I’ve been having private classes for almost a year now and have found them to be always calming, sometimes challenging but above all inspiring and fun”

About Our Affinity Yoga CPD Teacher Training (see the latest reviews here)

It has been a big step to create courses that will feed and help mature the seeking yogi’s mind and spirit, but we felt that there was a space for a teacher training programme that allows for an in-depth exploration of the spirit, the subtle philosophies of yoga and others, and a more comprehensive coverage of the practical side of teaching yoga to ourselves and others.

It is with this open approach, that I want to create a yoga community that will help to shape this learning environment into an amazing opportunity to explore the connections of mind, body and soul. The practice of teaching and learning has always been one of the most rewarding journeys I have found in my life, which is why I have continued to study and grow with over 10,000hrs of teaching and more then 2000hrs of training in the many yoga and meditation styles, you can tell I love yoga. So if you are interested in joining me and others on this path, please let us know.

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