Meditators Life

“Samsara is mind turned out, lost in its projections. Nirvana is mind turned in, recognizing its true nature.” –Tulku Urgyen In a similar manner, the teacher Kalu Rinpoche once said, that samsara, the world of conditioned experience where beings are lost in their delusions, spins one way, and nirvana, the state of non-dual wisdom revealing…

London-Wholeness Workshop

Slow down an enjoy the ride. A Yoga workshop on building Presence, in Camden with Nova Milesko a leading yoga and meditation teacher.

Never Mind

I can offer my retreaters the chance to forget all this and heal together while getting excited about tomorrow and our part in it again.

Chocolate and Raspberry Cake Vegan, GF

Well if you have any cuties around and want to impress them with your awesomness I recommend this one. I currently have a chocoholic and one who loves anything berry. So I made a simple plain cake mix and divided it in to two bowls and we have never been happier. Why haven’t I done…

All Retreats Now Offset

Check how green we have been! We are committed to making a postive change. I have had a wonderful year of eco retreats inspiring action and making people feel like they have the power to create change.Plus I have added a few things that might be of interest to you. -New Lush and Luxury venues…

Be Social, With a human touch

Check out my lastest story about the draw of social media, and how the digital world effects our brains. Just published in the Elephant Journal here