Butternut Coconut Curry or Dal

All i can say is OH MY GOD, this was a great day in the kitchen. And a even better day for butternut squashes, this is the day I made two out of this world things using a thing i would generally thing as one natures mistakes.

Serves 8

One peeled roasted butternut squash (till firmly soft) diced to 2cm squares (remove one cup for cake if you want to make it as well)

Fried onions, chili, garlic x2

Mung chana dal 2.5 cups boil in water

Coconut milk x1 can

1 teaspoon ajwain seeds, cumin seeds, black klowunji seeds, curry powder, turmeric,

salt and pepper to taste

cook it all together for about an hour. It is so simple, but soo good. I also served it with Farro away Salad and Corn bread for a truly appreciative dinner party.







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