New Forest Retreat Days

I have curated and created the very best of the retreats and put as much as I can into a fabulous day retreat. 

Join us for a truly magical day in this part of the world with its wild horses and marine nature reserves you will be spoilt for choice, and often the very best bits.. Which is why I am excited to offer these bespoke day yoga retreats, with its secluded and quiet orchards for meditation and super secret spots for paddles or swimming, you could be forgiven for wanting to leave. As we do yoga outside on beautiful sunny spots, or in lovely local nooks , there is nothing but tranquillity and relaxation happening here and lots of nurturing snacks and lunches ofcourse.

All set within the heart of the New Forest the bespoke themed retreat days are offered with plenty exploration and yet still have a fully immersive experience.

Using unique and bespoke themes for each day retreat, the yoga sessions and guided meditations are all interwoven with a deep awareness and responding to the needs of the group. So no retreat day is ever the same. Each group has the chance to direct the pace and direction of the sessions.

Firstly, you are introduced to your fellow retreaters, with a vegan treat. Then you will start with some journaling, and intension setting, then a physical practice which be theme dependant followed by a relaxation before a wonderfully warming homegrown and homemade Lunch.

After Lunch you will have some time to enjoy the suroundings, get out into the forest, or just relax by a tree or on the beach. Then we will come back to session with bit of group work and some contemplations followed by another yoga practice and finish with either a deep relaxation or a related meditation.

Farm Days or Forest Retreat Days

16th Sept- Sweet Surrender 

more dates to follow, please email for details.

All days include vegan 3 course lunch and 3 yoga and meditation sessions, walks and secret local beauty spots for the yoga and or paddles/swimming.  (Optional extras bikes, kayaks, horses, or massages these require a bespoke schedule). 

Sample Ayurvedic Schedule

11am Welcome treats, chat and intro.

11.15am- Sweet Sweat to Forget Yoga Pitta Practice

12.15pm break with treats

12 30pm Connect to HERE! Vata Session

1.30pm Lunch and Expore

3pm Cool it! Kapha Session

4pm  Finish with big smiles and happy hearts


Ethical Reasons

These retreat are not only helping you to relax and make your world a better place, I also have found venues that offer something extra back the local communties we visit. These retreats are helping to support a great local charity which helps kids in need. And after covid its fundraising and support has been hit very hard, as have most things and people. By choosing this day retreat you are help to ensure thier longterm  Sustainability.  And as if a wonderful place and great yoga were not enough they also have their own kitchen garden which much of the seasonal produce comes from.

Private Groups or Friends Retreat Days

These retreat days are designed for the people on them so please do let me know if you have anything specific you would like to cover or if you have any specific dietary requirements please let me know.

It is also possible to have a bespoke retreat day created for just you and your co-workers, family or friends. After the long period of seperation it is the perfect way to reconnect and boost your mental health with a shot of closeness (socially distanced ofcourse). Please contact me on if you would like to discuss.


Book now Country Retreat Days

These retreats include lovely surroundings, great food, drinks, treats and fabulous company, plus lots of transformative yoga, journaling and meditation. Excludes travel and transfers and massages.


Please confirm the dates you are interested in booking when you pay either via email or call 07894588002

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