About My Retreats

They are now even better then before, with three fabulous venues each with their own certain special something to make your retreat a truly wonderful experience.

Check them out here at New Forest Retreats.

We help to make this world a better place!

I want to create as much good in the world as possible, with all of my actions and those of my business. I have been running bespoke yoga retreats and weekends across Europe, and the UK for over 15 years. I have always searched out only the best Eco-venues, that match style with substance, and have a certain special energy to them. They all give back to to the local enviroment either by encouraging biodiverisity in nature or through helping others.

And now I am very proud to able to use my classes and retreats to support various charties in helping us all to live in a better world.

  • Global Refugee Aid

    Global refugee Aid objectives are: The relief of poverty and the preservation and protection of health of those seeking asylum or granted leave to remain in the UK or overseas by assisting with provision of aid, accommodation, advice, support and education and by facilitating the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into the wider community.

  • Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

    Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. With the invaluable support of our volunteers and members we manage over 50 nature reserves. We also work with other organisations and landowners to protect and connect wildlife sites across the county and inspire local communities and young people to care for wildlife.

  • Just One Ocean

    For centuries, humans have relied on coastal and marine environments to survive, develop and prosper. However, our current levels of exploitation and damage have reached unprecedented levels. Just One Ocean is a conservation charity committed to protecting the ocean for future generations through science, education and communication.

  • Mental Health Foundation

    The Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s charity for everyone’s mental health. With prevention at the heart of what we do, we aim to find and address the sources of mental health problems so that people and communities can thrive.

  • Refugee Action

    Refugee Action works with people who have fled war, violence and persecution. They get them the support they need to live in dignity, and build safe and productive lives here in the UK.

  • Water Smart Foundation

    The Water Smart Foundation’s (WSF) objective is for the conservation and protection of the natural environment, by the reduction of global pollution caused by current methods of production and distribution of water. We implement solutions reducing plastic and micro plastic polluting the earth’s ocean.

  • WWF-UK

    WWF is the world’s leading independent conservation organisation. Our mission is to create a world where people and wildlife can thrive together.

I am not interested running retreats for money, my intention is to create a space that makes it possible for those on the retreat to find the peace and connection they have come for. Be it with others, a good book or themselves whilest effortlessly make our world a better place.

My retreats are a non pious affair, with everyone invited to be themselves without judgement, just enjoy the wonders of nature and nurture yourselves in style.

Below are just some of the photos of past retreats and venues.


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