Hangry Vegan Dinner/Lunch in 10 mins

Sweet Spelt, Tamari Baked Tofu, Hummus Pockets with Ginger, Mint Cucumber Salad

I just wanted something fast and this was it.

Dinner or Lunch in the 10 minutes between shouting at each other because you are starving and becoming relaxed again because the pain of hunger is going to be alright.

Spelt boiled and added maple syrup/honey/agrave amount depends on how many bodies there are to bury by the time dinners ready. Can also pan fry some onions to crisp to add texture. Added Fresh mint because it meant I could send the other person out of the house to get it.

Bake the tofu in strips and sprinkle with Tamari before you put in the oven, leave for 10 mins 250c. Turn over if you need something to do rather then stare at each other.

With a peeler, go the long way down the cucumber cut into ribbons, add spring onions, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds (purely because they look like bugs and wind the other one up) tomatoes, red pepper.

For the dressing -cut ginger, garlic crushed in salt, add oil of choice, and send them to get mint again, add chilli, lime, pepper, and when they come back send them for a nesterum flower. Watch them expload.

Toast a pitta with hummus in it and serve or leave them to get it for themselves while you eat like a wild animal in the corner growling.

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