We all need to keep dreaming BIG!

New retreats with your own private spaces to set your new pace to!

The Space to Pace Retreats

So Proud of Us

This months retreats have allowed us to create so much good in our local enviroment, through our efforts we have managed to Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you about all the great work your retreat is helping to get done.We bought 500 trees to offset your travel. New Forest Retreats with Nova Milesko…

The Unbroken by Rashani Rea

/ janfalls There is a brokennessout of which comes the unbroken,a shatterednessout of which blooms the unshatterable.There is a sorrowbeyond all grief which leads to joyand a fragilityout of whose depths emerges strength.There is a hollow space too vast for wordsthrough which we pass with each loss,out of whose darkness we are sanctioned into being.There…

So Much Soul Food

  As ever, I hope life is kind and you have been touched by the sun in the last few days.  I have some new offerings. Firstly, please save the date next day retreat which is now the 23rd of September 2021. It will be based in the seaside village of Milford on Sea and…

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Join Nova from the comfort of your own home and play with silly poses, and mini meditations to leave you ready for whatever the day has left for you.

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