Nutty Tumeric Noodle Bowl GF/VG

I am a lover of the noodles, and in all forms it is my go to quick lunch or dinner.

This one uses tumeric to help reduce inflamation, which is something I seem to feel the heat of the summer seems to cause in me.

I have paired it with some cooling mint and some protein from smoked tofu or cashews or both.

Grab your noodles of choice and cook as they dictate.

Put your peppers, onions, courgettes, kale, green beans, spring greens, kolerabhi, radish, sliced finely and fried lightly with some oil, then using lemon juice, tahini, tumeric, garam masala, mustard seeds, garlic, chilli, mint and some peanut butter and water blended to make a sauce. Add some MInt to garnish and maybe a mint and cucumber water to wash it down. It should be ready in 5-10mins making it one of the faster ones.

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