Moroccan Stuffed Roasted Pepper

I was bored of the usual stuffed rice pepper thing and this was a really lovely and interesting change.... Fry off mushrooms, garlic, add chargrilled artichokes. Put uncooked giant Cous Cous in pan brown in butter, then add small amount water to frying pan, green harissa, smoked paprika and stock. Simmer till water in gone. … Continue reading Moroccan Stuffed Roasted Pepper


Coriander and Romano Pepper Ice Cream

  First thing to do here is ignore everything your head is telling you. I was bored and had bought a glut of double cream and too many Romano peppers on special. I had not attempted ice cream before, but being me, and this being Ice-CREAM I didn't really think a recipe would be of much … Continue reading Coriander and Romano Pepper Ice Cream