Mother of all Salads

Well, well, well, Now I have had it with the whining, “its not filling enough for dinner!” Not filling you say, well no more!

From now on you will be asking for half portions and struggling because you are too full to finish it. Well maybe not, but you will be full, and you’ll darn well love it!

In my house, if I say “Salad” in answer “what’s for dinner?” I get a grimace and a “what’s it with?”

Well no more, not with the Super Supper Salad. The Mother of All Salads. The Best Salad Ever….

My God! How can I ever live up to my own hype, I don’t have to. You just have to try it.

One Avocado 


Baby Spinach

Sugar Snaps 

The following parts of the salad can all be put in the oven on 170c for slow roasting (with slightly different timings -first in at the top) 

One small potato (boiled or baked) per person

Red Peppers



Smoked Tofu with splash of Tamari

Slow baked Baby Tomatoes

One toasted/baked slice of Dark Rye/or Gluten Free pp

Nuts and Seeds of choice 


4 tablespoon Tahini

1 teaspoon Rose Harissa

4 tablespoon Oil

Lemon juice to taste


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