Meditators Life

“Samsara is mind turned out, lost in its projections. Nirvana is mind turned in, recognizing its true nature.” –Tulku Urgyen

In a similar manner, the teacher Kalu Rinpoche once said, that samsara, the world of conditioned experience where beings are lost in their delusions, spins one way, and nirvana, the state of non-dual wisdom revealing the true nature of reality, spins the other way.

What we see playing out on our “world stage” these days is like a mythical display of how unenlightened minds project their confused beliefs based on mis-perception of the true, multidimensional nature of reality into the commons of our shared consciousness, creating ripples of confusion that lead to delusional, unwise, and often harmful behavior.

Every step we take to curiously seek to see clearly, understand deeply, and free ourselves from assumptions, biases, prejudices, and conditioning is a step toward toward emancipation from cultural trance and a step toward becoming an ever more kind, compassionate, and selfless force for good in our world.

Choices in a meditator’s life are very simple: Engage in ways of life that contribute to harmony and awareness, and refrain from those ways of living that do not!

Nova Milesko runs award winning luxury eco retreats in the New Forest in the UK throughout the year to help people to connect to each other and the world around them. More details are here.


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