Go-an Adventure

Gorgeous Goa Yoga with Nova and Florence


18th- 28th January 2017, Lotus Retreat Centre, Patnam Beach, Goa India- £685 in Twin-shared beach front huts or £895 for single huts.


What’s included

* Shared Accommodation * Organic brunches and Lovely Dinners * All light refreshments * Special Workshops, * Meditation and Yoga * Private Vegetarian Chef * Two Yoga Teachers * Acro Yoga * Private Massage Therapist on-site*


Mindfulness Meditations, Indian Head massage workshop and many more over the week



The retreat is open to everyone so feel free to bring non-yoga partners and friends (they will have a great time anyway).

With Sea views form the huts and the Yoga Shala. It is in this natural haven for beauty and peace that you will truly begin to completely reconnection to yourself and the wonder of nature around you. And its the perfect place to do yoga.

The 5 Elements and Yoga
In Ayurvedic philosophy (springing forth from the same roots as yoga) are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether (light, life, consciousness, space). They are found in all aspects of life and in all things. They are wonderful to explore both physically, mentally and spiritually while in the asanas (postures).

Interestingly, many other cultures integrate a concept of the 5 Elements, such as the Celtic tradition and the Chinese (although slightly different: wood, fire, earth, metal and water). Not much is actually written about the 5 Elements in Yoga, but they are believed to be represented in the first 5 chakras (energy centres or “wheels of light”), climbing in order from the root chakra to the throat chakra.

Over this week we will work with the Five Elements using Vinyasa Flowing Yoga, Yin (a restorative type of yoga), Partners yoga, Acro, Pranayama, Chants and Meditations to bring awareness and balance to every cell. We think this is the perfect location for a playful, relaxing and enjoyable retreat.


About the place

Lotus Yoga Retreat is a stunning yoga resort with eco-friendly accommodation in the tropical and unspoilt south of Goa. We are known for our friendly team and welcoming atmosphere, where an international clientele feel at home. It is our aim is to make your stay in India relaxing and inspiring, so that you feel leave feeling happier and healthier.


Located close to India’s highest ranking beach Agonda Lotus Yoga Retreat is the perfect place for relaxing and disconnecting from daily stress. The quiet and serenity of being in nature means you can ‘retreat’ completely at our place and sleep soundly. However, we are also close to the hubs of Agonda, Palolem and Patnem where there are hundreds of shops, restaurants and bars. You can also make easy excursions to breathtaking paradise beaches.

Classes are held on our beautiful designer Beach front Shala located in a tranquil forest garden. We also offer various holistic treatments such as shiatsu, acupressure, reflexology, reiki, ayurvedic treatments and fasting/detox programmes.


Our season lasts from November until June. During these months the daily temperature is around 28 degrees with guaranteed sunshine.


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