Mi-SO Yummie Mushroom Soup

Okay, we all know how to make soup, put stuff in pot and cook till yummie. Well every once in a while you stumble across a combo worth shouting about, so here it is. I was making  a miso gravy the day before which was awesome, then there was some left over so I added it to the soup base for a spinach and mushroom soup and wow what a seriously profound shift in soupy goodness.

1 Large Onion finely chopped fried

500grams Mixed Mushrooms -pan-fried in olive oil with Garlic -3 large cloves

1kg Spinach


Salt and pepper

Handful of Fresh Parsley and Sage finely chopped

Magic Miso Gravy

2tb Miso

2tb Cornstarch mixed over heat with water to make a rue

2tb Nutrional Yeast

2ts Tamari

Half Non Dairy Milk and water to mix

There was also a moment inspired genesis that made the side of wholewheat seeded muffins topped with hummus, toasted smoked tamari tofu, mashed avocado covered in lemon juice and sriracha.

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