Tahini Pineapple, Tomato and Chilli Chutney

This was used as a side dish to the Spinach and Chickpea curry on my new forest retreat.

It was inspired by a ripe pineapple, what more can i say, sometimes ripeness is the mother of invention.

Pineapple chopped into rough pieces 2-3cms (please remember the centre and the skin of it is not good for this, or anything reallly)

Tahini 2 tablespoons

200g Cherry or interesting Tomatoes

Garlic 2 taste

1 Lemon for juice (again to taste)

Chilli 2 taste I went hot

Purple Onion small finely chopped

Corriander Lots (unless you hate it)

Touch Apple cider vinger and salt/pepper to taste. It was better the next day.

Pinch of Tumeric from my mates organic whole food company.

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