Some TEEN tips for CALMER DAYS

If you are an adult trying to help a teen, just print this out and get out of the process (no offence intended). They are intellagent young adults who can do this for themselves.

  • You might find it useful to see your thoughts change from moment to moment. Allow yourself to just write about what’s going on in your life. Don’t edit it, just let it flow. Each day is a new one, give it a few days or weeks and see if it helps you to process stuff. Bonus is it is also clinically proven to help with: understanding depression, coping with stress and anxiety, helping you prioritize what’s going on in your life.
  • Try candle meditation, it is literally having a staring contest with a candle, it will win of course. But that is the point, well it kind of is. When you let your eyes blur and tear, you are letting the eye muscles defocus which is really good for them. Bonus -You have taken control of an automatic action (blinking) something we most of the time let run on autopilot- Just like the thoughts in our head we offer let run around in there, thinking they are unstoppable, But if we use that laser like attention we can sometimes take it off auto for a bit.
  • Puzzle me this, or not? It may seem like a strange idea, but sitting down to a good on wooden or 3D puzzle is better for you then you might think. It uses a concertaion and problem solving which will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of how to solve our frustrations without throwing the whole on the floor. It cultivates mindfulness with having to sit in silence.
  • And last but not least do yoga, it is a lifelong skill that can offer you fun mini challenges and micro life lessions. Bonus– It can calm/tone/strengthen the body, ending with a deeper understanding of how you feel in your skin each day.

For more information about this or anything else please check out my Young People and yoga or email if you need anything else on

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