Vegan Pumpkin pie GF

Grab a gluten free pastry and a pumpkin and you are off, Roast and peel the pumpkin then blend with coconut milk (full fat) maple syrup till sweet, cinnamon and mixed spice. Take a small amount of the blended liquid and add lots of corn flour to pan and heat till super thick then add…

Coconut and raspberry bliss balls

Super special and simple Buckwheat flakes 200grams Dessicated coconut 200grams Maple syrup 3tbs Raspberrys 50grams fresh Mix with hands and put in the fridge over night. Keep for weeks or freeze. Great snack and breakfast on the go.

New Forest Vegan Apple Cake (GF)

So I was asked for this one on my last retreat. It was a actually a bit of an accident because my 3 year got a bit happy with the oil which ended up with a very moist and crispy slightly fried crust effect. We used some of the many apples from our friends garden….

Vegan Apple and Walnut Coleslaw

This is a lovely little twist on the traditional coleslaw and super simple. Half a White cabbage shedded 1 Onion shedded or finely chopped 2 Carrots grated medium size 2 Apple thin or mandolined slices 50-70g Walnut halfs 4 Tbs Vegan Mayo Maize Lemon juice Organic Walnut Pieces are a brilliant source of nutrition and…

Tahini Pineapple, Tomato and Chilli Chutney

This was used as a side dish to the Spinach and Chickpea curry on my new forest retreat. It was inspired by a ripe pineapple, what more can i say, sometimes ripeness is the mother of invention. Pineapple chopped into rough pieces 2-3cms (please remember the centre and the skin of it is not good…