Testimonials 2018

What a fantastic time! The food was healthy and delicious; the people were friendly and fun; the philosophy was inspiring and Nova’s humour and honest approach made everyone feel at home. Oh, and the yoga was pretty good too!

Danielle Travis from United States March 2018 Eco Farm Stay

Feeling refreshed and positive this rainy Monday ! A real joy to meet you all and connect over yummy meals, cool yoga, relaxing meditations ( and red wine for those who embraced the pub)
I will continue to send you all loving thoughts til we can meet again and practice our acrobatics!

Peace and love
Angela xx March 2018 Eco Farm Stay

Thank you for a wonderful weekend! Definitely coming again! Can we pay deposit for twin or only full amount? If full I will book in April

Xx Claire March 2018 Eco Farm Stay

Thank you for a fabulous weekend. I really needed the relaxation. I look forward to another one of your retreats!

God bless
Diane (April’s mate) x February 2018 Braziers Park

Just wanted to thank you for a special weekend full of surprises.

I came for the yoga but got so much more. Good sleep, great company, amazing food, personal insights, a digital pause, revelations and sore muscles…

You asked me what I was escaping from, but I think the real question for me was (and ‘is’… this is a process) – ‘who am I coming back to?’, as in, reconnecting with myself.  Ha!! I’m not sure when I last felt such peace, and such playfulness. Grateful for both. I really enjoyed working with you – not just your skill, which is very much apparent, but your authenticity and your irreverence and complete lack of namby-pamby ‘yoghurt-knitting’ wu-wu, and some really fun yoga.

Braziers Park was an excellent location – a memorable place for my first backward roll – and I enjoyed the whole weekend, from the painful pigeon to my friendly (Shamanic?) ladybird on my mat this morning.  The good weather was also appreciated. Thanks.

I hope to come along to something else later in the year.  Thanks again for a really fantastic weekend.

February 2018 Braziers Park