Zingy ZOOM Bliss Balls

I was recently running a retreat in the New Forest and I like to treat my fellow yogis to a few treats, of the non-bending kind every so often. This is the offering that went down with a bang. Makes lots (enough for 18 people to have one each) 2 large carrots 250grams Almonds fine … Continue reading Zingy ZOOM Bliss Balls


Roasted Maple Carrots and Sprouts

Roasted Maple Carrots and Sprouts I like to add a little speed to this dish, so I start by crossing the sprouts and trimming the carrots, then placing in the frying pan with butter, salt, pepper, maple syrup, garlic and touch of water. Pan fry till the water is gone, and the sprouts, and carrots have … Continue reading Roasted Maple Carrots and Sprouts