Past Graduates Thoughts

Final thoughts from Nova Milesko

I loved and love teaching but there has to be a point where someone says it.

The great talkers and self promoters will succeed, but the majority of people will struggle. I do not wish to be part of a money making machine which takes money from vunerable people looking to improve their lot by following a dream. I had started my training to counter this, but I relise now that was misguided.

I want people to do as they please, as they should. After 5 years of trainings, I am going to stop teacher trainings. Good luck on you journey.


“Nova and Florence offer a very thorough and well structured course while supporting and guiding the students to find their own voice and style so that they can unfold in their own uniqueness. They share a deep commitment to give the best of them so that the trainees can reach their full potential. You are very lucky to have found Nova and Florence to be your teachers and I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a teacher training to learn with them.” Marika Messager Affinity Yoga RYT300

“I’ve been practicing yoga for ten years or so, and always kept the idea of becoming a teacher in the back of my mind. I love the way that experience on the tiny mat translate to living better in the wide world. When I heard about Nova’s training after taking her class for a few months, it somehow seemed like the perfect time. As a professional dancer I have always loved working with bodies and was attracted to the physical subtleties in the yoga asanas. Now, more than halfway through the training, I want to teach so I can pass on the balance and humour I’ve gained from a combination of challenging asanas and meditation.” Julia Pond Affinity Yoga RYT300

“Nova & Florence are truly dedicated yoga teachers. Their passion, love and support comes through every lecture, training and class.

Nova has unique ability to share knowledge with other and inspire them. Her extensive background is very well-rounded, but what i love most is her style of Vinyasa and Yin. Her classes are lighthearted, fun, but also hard work. If you have the opportunity to learn with Nova and Florence, you are very lucky. I joined the TTR without realising how much work and dedication goes to being a yoga teacher, but Nova & Florence supported me wonderfully and i am grateful to have been part of this amazing group.” Lucia Hargsaova Affinity Yoga RYT200

“Nova and her teacher training course reminds me of poet Rumi when he said, “Be with those that help your being”. Nova is an amazing teacher with the ability to inspire through her soulful classes and heart-felt TTC. She has the incredible ability to know just when to be gentle and playful or serious and tough, to challenge you and deepen your practice. The course is well thought out, authentic, extensive and intensive. Learning both vinyasa and yin is a perfect and balanced combination as practitioner and teacher. And the week retreat away is a beautiful part of the training. Nova is both a teacher and a friend. I feel blessed to have studied under her… it’s been life-changing.” Leslie Saglio Affinity Yoga RYT300

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