Adding in a Thank You!

This is from Nancy Nelson and I just had to share it.

You can utilize the following practice in your daily life. It’s a great accompaniment to the holiday season – or anytime you want to reorient yourself back to what matters most. I hope it blesses you and helps you feel alive!

You can learn more about Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in this article, but essentially we utilize gentle tapping techniques for an acupressure effect on meridian endpoints in the body while reciting mantras to generate a flow of emotional freedom. You don’t need any special equipment, just a few moments to yourself and a free hand. So settle into a comfortable seat, take a few deep breaths and let’s begin!

Below are the tapping points used in EFT. We will just be tapping at 9 points in this practice.

Today we will be following this sequence:

Thymus – at the center of the chest on the sternum. Use your two peace fingers together to tap gently up and down the sternum.

Several of the following land on just one side of the body. You can do on just one side of the body or move through the sequence on both sides as you repeat the mantras a second time.

Eyebrow (EB) – At the medial end of the eyebrow.

Side of Eye (SE) – On the outside of the eye, on the bone.

Under Eye (UE) – On the cheekbone.

Under Nose (UN) – Curl in the top lip to tap with more ease here. Right in the center.

Chin (CH) – Curl in bottom lip. Tap at the chin indent.

Collarbone (CB) – Create a gentle fist (in lieu of the two fingers) and tap across the collarbones.

Under Arm (UA) – Use the opposite arm to access.

Top of Head (H) – All five fingers tap around the crown of the head.

EFT for Gratitude

Of note: you can change any of the phrases if you want to personalize this to your head and heart space.

@ Thymus – (1 min) / repeat mantra to yourself

“Even when I struggle in my life, I am grateful and completely accept myself.”

Negative Tapping (2 rounds)

EB – “I often feel like I am not enough”

SE – “I try to fill my life with things”

UE – I feel unsatisfied”

UN – “I envy others”

CH – “I hold onto things selfishly”

CB – “I hustle after worth”

UA – “I feel stressed and anxious”

H – “It all feels so overwhelming”

Positive Tapping (2 rounds)

EB – “I am alive”

SE – “I feel satisfied”

UE – “My life is filled with joy”

UN – “I am grateful for community”

CH – “I have an abundance to share”

CB – “I am worthy”

UA – “I am at peace”

H – “I am here in this moment”

Follow along with the following video if you would like a guided session.

Be blessed, friends!Nancy Nelson | November 19, 2021 at 9:30 pm

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