Namaste Yogis,

Teaching can be a lonely job, and yet a wonderful one. It is easy to loose your focus, or feel a little bit hamstery! (going round and round the same poses, or classes)

We believe the best teachers are the ones who stay excited about teaching, Affinity Yoga  has been founded with the specific goal of keeping teachers and students inspired and giving the yoga community safe space to share knowledge and allow our teaching to evolve and grow.

We provide small group (max 14 people) yoga teacher training of the highest standard, tailor-made to suit your needs. Without dogma, or drama. Just relax and enjoy the playful exchange of energy and effort and leave re-inspired.

Payment may be made in full in advance of £45 via Eventbrite or £50 on the day

We are currently running many different courses throughout the year, the basic outline and booking details with Eventbrite are on each page.

All the courses are held in private studios in the Kensington, and are accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals  4 hours.

We are always pleased to hear from you, please feel free to call Nova on 078945 88002 or email to discuss.

Adjust to Adjustments

06/10/18 book here

During this workshop, you will move beyond the practice of simply “learning” assists for each pose. Through a solid understanding of the alchemy of assisting, you will become the artist and creator of poses, digging deeper into the makeup of each pose and how an assist or adjustment can take a pose to another level. Perfect for serious students and teachers! Come prepared to learn and have fun, no experience required there will be variations for all levels, some vinyasa experience recommended.

Ayurveda and Yoga

08/09/18, 18/01/19 book here

If you feeling like you need a break. then this course is a great one. We expand your understanding of this yogic science, and begin to incorporate the philosophies into your daily practice’s and teachings. This day of learning and absorbing should leave you refreshed and excited to share your new knowledge with your lucky students. Covers Sequencing for Doshas, Daily Routines and uses of Ayurveda on the mat and off.

Yin and the Subtle Body

03/11/18 book here

Covering the basics of Sequencing, Meridians and creating classes for specific organ pairs, and needs. The aim of this day workshop is to create a basic understanding Yin Yoga with an overview of Meridians within the Subtle body, and bring it in the physical body’s Anatomy. Reviewing the best poses for yin and medtiation, and why. And how to safely sequence a yin class the meridian pairs. Grow confidence and skills, with this very practical workshop

How to Teach Meditation

02/06/18 book here
Covering how to teach a few of the simple techniques that can help the students to connect with this life changing aspect of mind and body connection. Touching on some of the many ways meditation can have a positive effects in brain and body integration. How to teach, what and when. This a very practical workshop giving you an insight into how incorporate meditation in a real and honest way, that works for you.

Art of Sequencing

01/12/19 book here
Love classes that Flow? Looking for a new / different approach? This course provides helpful hints and guidelines to teach a well balanced flow class — or to assist you in creating your own personal flow practice! Learn a system to help guide in the preparation and delivery of your class. And, learn the tools to quickly develop and deliver safe and effective classes with less stress!The workshop runs from 9am-5pm In our private west London studio and allows us to delve deeper into the basic and the advanced techniques of sequencing, leaving you with a whole new way of planning your classes. Plus you will leave with at least 5 new unique full length class plans. through practice, discussion and study. Covering a wide range of styles and sequencing themes, including subtle energies, creating specific classes for injuries or poses, and modifications.

Magic Moments -A play with partner work

08/10/18 Book here

Ever wanted to create safe connections, a sense of community, and truly help people to embody the union of yoga off the mat, whilst still allowing for the exciting moments of wild freedom during your classes. Why not learn how to introduce and incorporate this fun and fabulous tool into your teachings as a special event, retreats or for workshops. With clear and intuitive information to help bring this wonderful skill to life.