June-Wild Weekend in Romania


23-26 June 2017– £200 A Journey Into the Unknown- Camping 10 mins from Targoviste, Romania

One World, one yoga. Over three days we will get back to nature in the Romanian mountains- sleeping under the stars on mother earth. Join me for this long weekend of camping with fabulous veggie meals provided, along with donkeys to join in the fireside chats, and moonlit meditations. It will be the stunning backdrop to our yoga sessions and the perfect way to get yourselves back in tune with nature.

We will explore movement based on our need to be in sync with our world around us. Using alignment to the Yogic teachings we will co-create practices and set intentions to help us to become more tune with our fundamental nature.  These sessions will include some partners work, journals, meditation, yin and vinyasa for clearing out the old and then make new connections to the Spring and earth.

Sweet Sweat to Forget Session
Everybody wants to be a little more relaxed and laid back, right? That would be the Kapha personality. Everyone loves a Kapha! But when Kapha is out of balance you could experience lethargy, fatigue, depression, weight gain, attachment, and allergies.

Spring is also the Kapha time of year were we area moving from winter into spring and your body is going through it’s own natural cleansing ritual. In this workshop you will learn the tools to help you get back in balance through this change of the season.
The workshop is a combination of information and a yoga practice.

COOL IT! Pitta Session

Yoga and Ayurveda are Vedic sciences, practiced for thousands of years to heal the body and mind. Yoga is the realization of oneʼs True Self. Ayurveda is the realization of oneʼs Optimal Health. Seasonal practices combine Yoga and Ayurveda for a holistic approach to find Ultimate Balance for Life.

In this workshop you will learn asana, mudra, mantra, marma massage, pranayama and yoga nidra for tending the fires of pitta dosha to keep you cool and radiate your brightest inner power!

Connect to HERE! Vata Session

In a society with minimal human contact, it is vital to our health and happiness that we find ways to connect with others to receive the benefits of touch. In this session we will be cultivating trust and communication as we explore different assisted postures as well as some that require mutual support and effort.
No prior experience is necessary. We just require you bring your open mind and playful heart.
After the final class we put it all into action with a few glasses from a local vineyard or juices and some homemade ayurvedic treats.