Bliss Balls Basics-Only three ingredients

I have been asked for this on my retreats so here it is. This is the basic ‘formula’ now add what ever takes your fancy.   Note: Makes 20-30 balls, depending on the size you prefer. Ingredients: 1 cups nut butter or tahini 1 cup sesame seeds or nuts of choice grind to preferred constancy (chunky … Continue reading Bliss Balls Basics-Only three ingredients


More Retreats

Nova’s Affinity Yoga Retreats started in 2005 and continues to grow and evolve with the scope of bringing us to that place where our instinctive knowing guides us to live from the inside out. The program explores a combination of ancient eastern disciplines including meditation, pranayama and yoga, as well as more contemporary energetic therapies … Continue reading More Retreats

Farro Away Roasted Fennel Salad

Serves 8 Farro 2 cups boiled till firm. baked kale with soy sauce till crispy grated carrot x2 roasted fennel and peppers x2 of each chunky pieces in oil borlotti beans x 2 cans for the dressing ginger 2cm and 2 garlic cloves diced finely 1/3 cup orange juice 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/3 cup … Continue reading Farro Away Roasted Fennel Salad

Blissful Beans and Smokey Citrus Tofu with Bulgar Wheat and Apple Salad

I just wanted to eat things that make my mouthwater but I have been lazy lately and sometimes you really need to remind yourself food is more then just eating and whilst I am not vegan I am always trying  to expand my weekly choices to include these options.  This is a Multi layered meal … Continue reading Blissful Beans and Smokey Citrus Tofu with Bulgar Wheat and Apple Salad