Breath and the Body- 40 hours PAC Teacher Training


Join us for one of the most innovative and exciting courses out there.

Covering a wonderfully interesting set of subjects we aim to re-inspire you as teachers, starting the fire of change, drawing out the very best in those you and your students

Learn with some the most informed and experienced teachers in their field.

Yin Yoga and Art of Adjustments with Nova Milesko

This part of the course is designed to offer teachers the hands on experience of adjustments and the physical understanding of what where and why they are moving the way they are with relation to Traditional Chinese Medicine .


Allan Dolan will be teaching us about the breath and its profound effect on our well-being.


Lizzy Lomax  (BA, B Ost, MSc Paed Os) will recapping on Anatomy for yoga injuries, and pre/postnatal. Getting it out of your head and on to the mats.

Affinity Yoga provides yoga teacher training of the highest standard, tailor-made to suit your needs.

The 40+ hour teacher training PAC costs £695 including 2 weekends in London Payment may be made in full in advance, or by £200 deposit and 2 payments of £247.50.


Course weekend outline for 2018

13-14 January 2018                                        Yin and Begin – Making your classes complete- Understanding Yin Yoga and a Refresher on the Lower Body Anatomy and Adjustments with Nova Milesko and Lizzy Lomax.


18-19 March 2018                                          Revision and Asana Labs The Basics of Bandhas, and Pranayamas with Allan Dolan, Teaching Yin Yoga. Specifics of teaching private sessions and those with special needs (Pre/post-natal). Upper Body Anatomy with Lizzy Lomax.

For more information TT2018 PAC brochure.