Mother of all Salads

Well, well, well, Now I have had it with the whining, "its not filling enough for dinner!" Not filling you say, well no more! From now on you will be asking for half portions and struggling because you are too full to finish it. Well maybe not, but you will be full, and you'll darn … Continue reading Mother of all Salads


Past Affinity Yoga Graduates’ Thoughts

HERE’S WHAT SOME OF THE 2014 GRADUATES SAID ABOUT THIS TRAINING .... “Nova and Florence offer a very thorough and well structured course while supporting and guiding the students to find their own voice and style so that they can unfold in their own uniqueness. They share a deep commitment to give the best of … Continue reading Past Affinity Yoga Graduates’ Thoughts

A Retreat to Remember in Italy 25th April till 2nd May 2015

The retreat includes Ayurvedic routines, Pranayama and Kriya practices, strong and steady Vinyasa flow practises, Meditation techniques and Yin. There will be three teachers guiding you through the week so triple the knowledge :)) Massage and reiki treatments are also available all week. This retreat is suitable for people who want to delve a little … Continue reading A Retreat to Remember in Italy 25th April till 2nd May 2015

Beowulf, Retold (Hint: Grendel is the Grinch)

nice bit of escape….enjoy!

The Heretic's Mirror

Every Scylding in Heorot liked mead a lot,
But Grendel the beast, roaring outside did not.

Grendel hated Scyldings, the whole Danish clan.
Can I say why? I don’t think I can.

He spied on the Scyldings, he fumed and he wailed.
He watched as in Heorot they drank mead and drank ale.

“How can I hurt them, the king and his thanes?”
Alone in his barrow, it drove him insane.

Then he got an idea! An awful idea!
Grendel got a horrible, awful idea!

That fiendish old monster was up to no good.
He decided to kill them and gorge on their blood.

Outside the mead-hall, Cain-spawn raged and he roared,
And with his great strength he broke down the door.

The Scyldings lined up, their swords in a row.
“You warriors,” cried Grendel, “are the first ones to go.”

He slaughtered the Danes, ripped many apart.
He crunched…

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