Farro Away Roasted Fennel Salad

Serves 8 Farro 2 cups boiled till firm. baked kale with soy sauce till crispy grated carrot x2 roasted fennel and peppers x2 of each chunky pieces in oil borlotti beans x 2 cans for the dressing ginger 2cm and 2 garlic cloves diced finely 1/3 cup orange juice 1/3 cup soy sauce 1/3 cup … Continue reading Farro Away Roasted Fennel Salad


What does ‘spirituality’ mean now?

I’ve been thinking about what does ‘spirituality’ mean now? This is relevant to today’s news as we hear about more kids running away to defend an idea (Islam in this case, but it could just as easily be something else). As I have another teacher training that I am running and the next weekend is … Continue reading What does ‘spirituality’ mean now?

Research Proves Yoga Is More Then Bending

"At Special Yoga Ltd we are passionate about research into our approach, which informs our service and directs our future planning. We believe in evidence-based practice and have strong links with the Institute of Education (IOE), University College London (UCL) and Swansea University. Whilst much research has been done into yoga’s benefits for the adult … Continue reading Research Proves Yoga Is More Then Bending