The Gift of Presence-

Yoga workshop 27/09/20 11am-2pm £50 (£35 cons)

The Balcony Studio –The Academy Building 15 Pratt Mews Camden London NW1 0AD

As with all the speediness that life requires, we will sometimes be able to see that there is a sense that there is not enough time. It’s interesting to notice how often we are living with that idea and how invasive it can be. Often causing ourselves anxiety:

“i’m not going get it all done“ and “it won’t be right anyway” and a chain of insecurities will be unleashed. There is a sense that now is not enough and that we are waiting if not rushing towards the future where we will have done everything and can finally calm down. That what’s right here is not the time that matters. If this is how we are living we are missing the most important part, NOW!

Thomas Merton describes the rush and pressure of modern life as a form of contemporary violence. He says:

“…to be surrendering to too many demands, too many concerns, is to succumb to the violence.”

When we’re speeding along, we violate our own natural rhythms in a way that prevents us from listening to our inner life and being in a resonant field with others. We get tight. We get small. We override our capacity to appreciate beauty, to celebrate, to serve from the heart.

This workshop will use yoga and meditation and some journalling to help us to retune and return to the “Hereness” where we can access a love, wisdom, creativity, and connection to others that are not available when we’re on our way somewhere else.  We are only truely home, when we are manifesting presence.

Book Now for the Gift of Presence Workshop 27/09/20

A wonderful immersion into ourselfes with love and peace for the day. With lots of treats and laughs along the way.


Discounted Ticket For Students/Unemployed/Low Income

Please use this option if you need the break.


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