New Online Classes

If you are interested in joining me for a weekly live yoga session, please feel free to drop in the zoomy room from the 4th May 2020, All are Free or Donate to your own charity of choice.

Join me for a wild adventure on your yoga mat, Using vinyasa sequences, mudras and pranayama to escape to new realms.

Monday Lunch Nova Yoga 12pm 12.40pm with Zoom

Meeting ID 796-2511-2264

Meeting Password 3YVWdX

Join URL:

And if that is not your speed please feel free to come to a gin yin yoga every other Friday (starting 8th May) instead, these are meant to be a slow and calming way to unwind after a long week, doing whatever you had to do. Let it go, grab a drink and some pillows and enjoy.

Friday 8th May Gin Yin Yoga 7.30pm-8.10pm with Zoom

Meeting ID 767-9181-6001

Meeting Password 7DyzbR

Join URL:

New weekly session on youtube for those unable to make anything live. Or why not try one of my old classes on there

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