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Our Course

Affinity Yoga provides small group (max 12 people) yoga teacher training of the highest standard, tailor-made to suit your needs.

The 200+ hour teacher training certificate course costs £3295 including 9 weekends in Kensington, London and one intensive week away.

Payment may be made in full in advance, or by £1000 deposit and nine payments of £255.

Course weekend outlines February 2017

The course includes:

  • 200+ hour Teacher Training Certificate, Registered with Yoga Alliance UK
  • Membership of the governing body Yoga Alliance UK and insurance during teacher training (which is required before you can teach)
  • Nine weekends, one a month of two days non-residential intensive training, at our Kensington Studio
  • Two weekends intensive away with all accommodation, food and training. (excludes transfers)
  • An optional extra 100 hours of non-contact training through self-practice, and external classes. (proof is required for 300+ accreditation) taking the total to over 300 hours which is quickly becoming the minimum requirement for the industry.
  • First Aid course and certificate available at a reduced group rate (on a extra date to suit).
  • After completion of the teacher training there is the opportunity to rent our studios in Kensington for your private sessions with clients, or to run your own open classes. There are a wide variety of yoga styles and if you are just starting out as a teacher it can seem very confusing. We are here to help you find your own style, not to dictate. So that even if you know very little about the many yoga traditions we will help you find a way to practice and teach what is true to you.Styles explored include Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, Hatha Raja, Kundalini, Pre-natal, Meditation, and Yin. This program will provide you with an opportunity to deepen your personal yoga practice while developing a solid foundation of teaching skills and educational theory.
Course Structure


The 200+ hour Affinity Yoga Teacher Training Programme is designed to create innovative, challenging, and intuitive teachers and to be an enjoyable and highly rewarding journey into the practice and principles of yoga. The 200+ hour training program is a dynamic blend of personal practice, self-examination and fundamental teaching methodology. Students and trainees will take a journey through an intensive study of the practices and principles of Vinyasa and Yin yoga, general anatomy for injuries, introductory yoga and relevant philosophies, teaching skills, and self-inquiry. Developed and led by Nova and Florence, this program will provide participants with an opportunity to deepen their personal yoga practice while developing a solid foundation of teaching skills and educational theory.

Expect to explore and test your limits, to engage all aspects of yourself fully and to emerge with greater insight, clarity and passion for the art and practice of teaching yoga. Known for their light-hearted, clear and dedicated approach, Florence and Nova have extensive backgrounds in yoga asana, philosophy, contemplative practice, experiential education, leadership development.

Affinity Yoga Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance UK registered school at the 200-hour level. Graduates from our Yoga Teacher Training programs will qualify for registry with Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance (a worldwide recognised register of yoga teachers). Our training is designed for students with an interest in becoming teachers, current teachers refining their craft, or passionate students that want to further their practice and understanding of yoga. The course content will be extremely practical and skills-based, while at the same time facilitating a personal journey of exploration and discovery.

Each intensive course day includes guided practice and asana technique classes, teaching methodology, a lecture in either Anatomy and the subtle body or Philosophy, discussion time and meditation plus homework.

When you register, you will be given our pre-course reading list and study requirements, essential course reference book list and essential props list. At start of each weekend, you will be provided with the manual and schedule.

The Affinity Yoga course includes:

  • Two daily yoga practices to transform your practice and illuminate teaching principles
  • History of yoga to conceptualise the practice
  • Introduction to Mantras, Mudras and Pranayama
  • Introduction to sequencing
  • Asana Labs to explore each student’s asana and alignment for poses such as Tadasana, Downward Dog, and other standing poses
  • Anatomy modules: Feet/Ankles, the Hip, the Spine, Core, Shoulder
  • Introduction to Sun Salutations
  • Introduction to the yoga sutras
  • Introduction to verbal assists
  • Deepen your understanding of alignment and asana as you learn to observe others, assist students, sequence effectively and hold space as a teacher.
  • Application of Advanced Teaching principles
  • Asana Labs to explore each student’s asana and alignment in complex poses such as twists, arm balances and inversions
  • Meditation, Bandha and Pranayama
  • Practice teaching to integrate your knowledge on your feet
  • Anatomy modules: Knee, Hands/Wrists
  • Introduction to Hands On Assists
  • The Subtle Body
  • Methodology of sequencing safely and creatively
  • Assuming the Seat of the Teacher: Tools to hold space
  • The business of yoga and what’s next
  • Ethics of a yoga teacher
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Continual evaluation and exams
  • Teaching techniques: Teaching multi-level classes, addressing pregnancy and injury; developing confidence as a teacher
Course Requirements

Our training is designed for students with an interest in becoming teachers, current teachers refining their craft, or passionate students that want to further their practice and understanding of yoga.

Failure to seriously commit to full training schedule will result in no pass and no certificate and/or no refund bring given. Full attendance is required. In special cases, there will be the opportunity to make up missed classes to the max of 2 full days, through assisting in senior teachers public classes.
If you have personal problems that may prevent you from continuing please discuss this with a senior teacher asap. If you have any concerns related to the course, please come to one of the facilitators right away so that we can address them.

30% of the course will marked by a minimum of one assignment per day, for the weekends. As the course is 18 days over 9 weekends there will be minimum of 20 assignments within the Weekend part of the course, which will make up 16% of the pass, 2% per weekends assignments.

Full attendance is required (with the opportunity to make up missed classes to the max of 2 full days, through external workshops)

14% of the pass attendance with 1% per weekend and 5% from the retreat week.

10% of the mark is from demonstrating a practical knowledge of the yogic texts, Sanskrit terms, through homework and final tests.
30% Teaching capability, practical awareness, and interaction during final class tests. Broken down into

10% teaching a Final Yin class, and prior homework classes

10% teaching a Final Vinyasa class and prior homework classes

10% teaching Private classes (Create a Private session for a least 3 people with varying abilities and injuries demo in presents of teacher for one) and presentations on yogic theme or intro to workshop.

10% for written, verbal understanding from final exam Anatomy Final and midterms.

15% of mark is Teaching Meditation, pranayamas, kriyas, bandas, mantras, and mudras, which will be assessed through practical tests of knowledge in the final week.

5% will be for showing a business plan and/or creating a community group. Ethical living awareness integration.

100% with a minimum of 80% for a pass

All students are expected to keep a journal of emotional, practical shifts and practice at least 4 times a week at home.

Also all students must attend at least 6 external classes each month. Written proof of attendance to external classes is required.

To Apply

An application form for the teacher training course may be downloaded here

The completed form may be emailed to us at or sent by post to:

Affinity Yoga

2 Cobble Mews

Mountgrove Road


N5 2LN

Teacher Training Application

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