Yoga CPD Courses


Due to a need for robust and concise information that can reignite and support our passion for teaching, I have created a series of CPD workshops that I hope will inspire and inform.

As a senior qualified yoga teacher, I have been teaching, retreats, teacher trainings and workshops for over 10 years across Canada, UK and Europe.

I have continued to study with many renowned teachers and have specialist qualifications for teaching many styles of yoga and meditation; Vinyasa, Hatha, Yoga and Ayurveda, Yin, Ashtanga, Akhanda, and most recently I have been drawn to use yoga to help with mental illness, depression and have trained to work with special yoga to help kids with ADHD, Autism and a separate training by Teen Yoga focusing on yoga and mindfulness for adolescents and young adults.

I find I am constantly renewed in my love of all things yoga and offer all that I have learnt with love and openness.

Below is the basic outline and booking details with Eventbrite. All the courses are held in my private studios in the Kensington, and are accredited with Yoga Alliance UK 8 hours of CPD.

Yin and the Subtle body

9am-6pm £99 early bird or £110 Balance Yoga Earth Studio

Covering the basics of Sequencing, Meridians and creating classes for specific organ pairs, and needs.

The aim of this day workshop is to create a basic understanding Yin Yoga with an overview of Meridians within the Subtle body, and bring it in the physical body’s Anatomy. Reviewing the best poses for yin and meditation, and why. And how to safely sequence a yin class the meridian pairs. Grow confidence and skills, with this very practical workshop 18/03/2017, 10/06/2017, 07/10/2017

Adjust to Adjustments

9am-6pm £99 early bird or £110

During this workshop, you will move beyond the practice of simply “learning” assists for each pose. Through a solid understanding of the alchemy of assisting, you will become the artist and creator of poses, digging deeper into the makeup of each pose and how an assist or adjustment can take a pose to another level. Perfect for serious students and teachers! 2 11/02/2017, 13/05/2017, 11/09/2017 

Ayurveda and Yoga

9am-6pm £99 early bird or £110 Balance Yoga Earth Studio

If you feeling like you need a break. then this CPD is a great one. We expand your understanding of this yogic science, and begin to incorporate the philosophies into your daily practice’s and teachings. This day of learning and absorbing should leave you refreshed and excited to share your new knowledge with your lucky students. Covers Doshas, Gunas, and uses of Ayurveda on the mat and off.  14/01/2017, 22/04/2017

The Art Sequencing

9am-6pm £99 early bird or £110 Balance Yoga Earth Studio

Love Vinyasa Flow? Looking for a new / different approach? This course provides helpful hints and guidelines to teach a well balanced flow class — or to assist you in creating your own personal flow practice! Learn a system to help guide in the preparation and delivery of your class. And, learn the tools to quickly develop and deliver safe and effective classes with less stress!  01/04/2017

How to Teach Meditation

9am-6pm £99 early bird or £110 Balance Yoga Earth Studio

Covering how to teach a few of the simple techniques that can help the students to connect with this life changing aspect of mind and body connection. Touching on some of the many ways meditation can have a positive effects in brain and body integration. How to teach, what and when. This a very practical workshop giving you an insight into how incorporate meditation in a real and honest way, that works for you. 04/02/2017, 08/07/2017  

If you have any questions about this or anything else please email me directly


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